Healthy Breakfast Smoothies And Their Superfood Add-Ons

Recipe Structure For Smoothies

Want to pack an extra punch to your regular smoothie be it in its consistency, flavor, texture or taste, and nutrition then these pointers should help you get the desired effect!

  • Creamy Fruit: Banana/Avocado (40%)
  • Back-Up Fruit Or Veg: Strawberries/ Apples/ Spinach/ Kale (20%)
  • Flavouring: Vanilla, Lime, Tahini (spoonful)
  • Sweetness: Date, Maple Syrup, Honey (dash)
  • Protein Boost: Soaked seeds, Soaked Nuts, Protein Powder, Nut Butter (tablespoon)
  • Liquid: Dairy-Free milk, Coconut Water, Filtered Water (40%)

Healthy Breakfast Smoothies [Recipes]

1. Sesame And Mango Dream

It boosts your calcium levels and has anti-Inflammatory properties.

Ingredients: Frozen banana ~ Mango ~ Turmeric ~ Tahini ~ Lime ~ Almond Milk.

2. Chocolate Shake

Ingredients: Frozen banana ~ Avocado ~ Raw Cacao Powder ~ Maple Syrup ~ Dairy-Free Milk.

3. Gingered Carrot

The gingered carrot smoothie is high in vitamin C and has anti-viral properties.

Ingredients: Frozen banana ~ Apple ~ Carrot ~ Orange ~ Lemon ~ Ginger ~ Dairy-Free Milk.

4. All About The Greens

It is rich in electrolytes, protein, and is good  to consume after a workout.

Ingredients: Frozen banana ~ Celery ~ Kiwi ~ Avocado ~ Protein Powder ~ Greens Powder ~ Almonds ~ Coconut Water.

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