5 Myths And Facts About Ear Candling

The use of ear candles to remove the gunk from your ears has been gaining quite some popularity. Ear candles are hollow cones made of fabric soaked in wax or paraffin, generally 10 inches long. You need cut a hole in a paper plate, stick the candle through it, lie on your side, place the tapered end in your ear canal, and have someone light the other end. The product claims to be therapeutic and a great way to remove all the dirt from your ears. Before you try one out for yourself, you should be aware of the myths associated with ear candling and should know what the actual facts are.

Myth 1: Lighting Ear Candles Creates A Vacuum

Vacuum: 5 Myths And Facts About Ear Candling


Lighting one end of the ear candle does not create any vacuum. Instead, it creates a vortex, which is completely different. You can try placing a lit ear candle on sand, nothing gets sucked up the tube. If it did create a vacuum, the negative pressure would have to be very strong to remove the earwax and that would result in damaged eardrums.

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