5 Secrets Of Living A Vibrantly Happy And Healthy Life

Here are the (not so secret!) secrets of living a vibrantly happy, healthy, and peaceful life. Have a look!

Have you noticed how time seems to be accelerating? Time literally does “fly by” and life appears to happen so quickly!

Instead of complaining about how quickly time passes. I decided to give some thought about how I could leverage the quick passing of time to my advantage.

Since time is passing so quickly I want to find a way to accelerate all the good that I know our creator has. Hence my 5 ways to accelerate wellness, joy, and peace!

1. Make It A Priority To Spend Quiet Time Everyday

Since time goes by so fast these days we do not take the time to slow down enough for quiet time. This is a mistake. We need that down time.

We need to just stop, be quite and allow our thoughts to slow down…or better yet “STOP”.

Whether you pray, meditate or both, plan to take at least 5 minutes a day. Whether it is first thing in the morning, during the day, or before you go to bed.

Taking the time to be quiet has huge benefits. It can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and help your body to relax.

It allows you to hear that inner voice that leads, guides and directs you, helps you to make better decisions while getting rid of overwhelmed, and stressed out feelings.

2. Increase Your “Happy” Hormones

Do something that brings you joy, makes you laugh, everyday. We spend a lot of time on “serious” stuff. All the more reason to begin to look for the “joy”, the “happy” in every situation.

There are many health and wellness benefits to having more laughter in your life.

To name a few – it reduces your anxiety and depression, helps you sleep more soundly, improves blood flow and circulation, boosts your immune system, and improves your memory.

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