5 Secrets Of Living A Vibrantly Happy And Healthy Life

3. Start Living A Life Of Gratitude

Focusing on the good in your life not only helps you feel better, but you will find yourself looking at life in a more positive way. There is so much for which to be thankful!

Take a moment and think of 5 things you are thankful for right now. Bet it did not take that long; did it?

No matter how small, we need to focus on those things in our lives that are positive rather than focusing on negative stuff that happens in the course of a day.

Living a life of gratitude has many benefits as well. It improves your physical health (few aches and pains, less illness!), your self-esteem and enhances your mental strength.

It is good for the heart (improves hyper-tension!), helps you sleep better, and strengthens your relationships as well.

4. Learn How To Minimize The Impact Of Stress

Stress can lead to chronic disease, heart disease, obesity and cancer. It is difficult to get rid of all the stress we encounter on a daily basis. But, we can minimize how it impacts our bodies.

Here are a few things that can help your body out during stressful times:

  • Eat foods that fortify your body when you are stressed.
  • Get out in nature for just 15 minutes – take a brisk quick walk, it is amazing how much better you feel!
  • Journal – write about how you are feeling, what happened that upset you, that caused you frustration and/or anger. Get it out!
  • Take a yoga – a wonderful movement for the body that focuses on breathing, stretching, and strength all of which are excellent when minimizing the impact of stress on your body.

5. Take Better Care Of Your Temple

You have heard this before. I know you are aware of the importance to take better care of your “temple”, your body.

It does not have to be difficult. In fact if you just stick to the basics it will take you a long way to living a better and happier life.

  • Do 30 minutes of movement a day (you can split it up if you want – 15 min. in the am and 15 min. in the pm).
  • Drink half your body weight in water (add lemon to it and detox your liver!).
  • Get enough rest (sleep 6 to 8 hours…take a 15 minute quick nap during the day if needed).
  • Go to your medical practitioner and find out what is happening with your body and then if something needs to be addressed – address It!
  • Increase your self-care and self-love.
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