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What Can You Eat During Lemon Diet?

One of the most important things during the lemon diet is that you cannot eat solid foods.

For those of you who cannot go through two weeks without solid foods, try to incorporate the lemon diet for at least two to four days.

For those of you who will try and go through the whole “two weeks” experience, the only food you can consume during the master cleanse plan is the lemonade, non-processed foods and fruit and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are allowed on the first day, allowing your body to ease into the diet.

Preferably, you want raw vegetables and fruits.

From day 2 onward, you want only the lemon juice mixture, approximately 3 liters of it.

After you’ve finished the lemon diet, you want 3 liters of orange juice on the first day, and fruits and vegetables on the second day.

This helps your body get back to balance. As you easing into your regular diet, consume grains and oats.

Important Notes

  • You should not follow the diet for more than two weeks (10 days being the preferable optimum)
  • If you are having health issues and acute illnesses, consult your physician before going on the diet
  • Before you begin the diet, completely get rid of caffeine
  • This is a detox diet, not a weight loss plan, which means you will probably regain some of the lost weight after you get back to your normal diet.
  • You want to follow the diet on a clear schedule. Avoid lemon diet during hectic periods and vacation. You want a relaxed atmosphere.
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